Michael Charles


Michael Charles has worked in politics for over 15 years. He got his official start in Iowa for the 2008 Obama campaign, and has worked with several elected officials in the Seattle area. Michael Charles’ specialty is in campaign strategy, communications and messaging, outreach, and project management.


Seferiana Day


Seferiana Day has over 10 years of experience in campaigns, policy, and community organizing. She worked as a labor organizer and managed Pramila Jayapal’s successful State Senate race. She also served as a policy advisor to Seattle City Councilmember and Former Mayor Tim Burgess. Sera advises on campaign strategy, and produces direct mail and digital advertising.


Michael Fertakis


Michael Fertakis has over 5 years of experience in political campaign field management, and is responsible for crafting campaign field plans as well as data and targeting. Michael has led the successful field and mail targeting efforts in the Joe Nguyen for State Senate and Girmay Zahilay for County Council races.


Tiffany Chang


Tiffany has served as a Project Manager for municipal races in cities across the Puget Sound region. She worked on Joe Nguyen’s successful race for WA State Senate in the 34th District. Tiffany specializes in public speaking and debate training, messaging development, and direct mail and digital design.